A water revolution

  • 20.11.2022
  • SIWI

Global leaders don’t understand the gravity of the water crisis and are not equipped to tackle it, according to Dr Aromar Revi. As a lead expert in the Global Commission on the Economics of Waterhe is attending COP27 to convince governments and negotiators that they need to place water at the core of all climate policies.

“Today’s systems for water governance need a complete transformation since they are not suited for a world of radical environmental change,” Dr Aromar Revi said, expressing concern that water management could otherwise become overwhelmed and break down. Speaking at a press briefing in the COP27 Water Pavilion, he also warned that climate progress will be derailed if decision-makers fail to consider the connection between water and climate.

“The IPCC is telling us that all the big transitions are constrained by water, whether it’s the energy transition, the urban infrastructure transition, or ecosystems. In some sense water is the connecting element across the climate space, and across the sustainable development space,” Revi said.