AQUAME, the Smart Water Bottle

  • 18.11.2022
  • Yahoo

A Melbourne-based startup has launched a pathbreaking water bottle named AQUAME, which is a smart bottle that can track the daily water intake of a person and monitor their hydration. The company has created an app that makes it easy for the user to set their water-intake goals and monitor their intake status. Users can connect the bottle to the app via Bluetooth and start tracking their progress.

The bottle features a rechargeable battery in the LED lid displaying the water's current temperature, and how close the user is to reaching his or her daily water-intake goal. The water bottle also has a handy reminder feature to get the user back on track, in case he or she falls back on their goals.

This sleek design and the innovative technology of the water bottle is already grabbing attention. According to scientists, this smart bottle comes at the right time when many parts of the world are under what they call "an epidemic of dehydration."

AQUAME's premium bottles are airtight, waterproof and insulated to keep water icy cold or toasty warm for up to 12 hours.