Aquanomics - The economics of water risk and future resiliency

  • 31.08.2022
  • GHD

Aquanomics uses a bespoke model to estimate the future economic impact of water risk from droughts, floods and storms in 10 geographies at both a GDP and sector level. The numbers are staggering - $5.6 trillion could be lost between 2022 and 2050.

"Access to safe, affordable and reliable water is a fundamental human right and plays an increasingly crucial role in every part of the global economy, and yet it is one of our most undervalued resources. The water sector faces the twin issues of increasing requirements for water (both residential and commercial) and a potential reduction in supply due to climate change. The way in which the industry responds to these threats will be one of the most important challenges of the coming decades" Rod Naylor, Global Leader – Future of Water, GHD