Aquapreneurs addressing Water Scarcity

  • 02.11.2022
  • World Economic Forum

How can technology help?

Scientists and technology experts have developed various products to help conserve water. Some studies suggest that up to 30% of water is lost to leakages in distribution networks. Today there are smart monitoring technologies that use pressure and acoustic sensors for real-time monitoring of the supply system.

Agriculture is another sector, as per OECD agriculture irrigation, that accounts for 40- 70% of water depending on the country. Now farmers can utilize precision irrigation systems that use artificial intellgence and internet of things-based algorithms and modeling for effective farming that requires far less water.

Wastewater engineering has come a long way in the past three decades and many nature-based solutions are available to ensure zero discharge and recycling of water. In fact, now technology promises water treatment along with energy generation from wastewater. There are several other technologies such as DNA fingerprinting and analytics for identifying sources of water contamination to satellite imagery-based platforms for predictive analytics.