Arizona must slash Colorado River water use by next year

  • 23.10.2022
  • AZ Central

All eyes are on Arizona and the six other Colorado River basin states that recently missed the federal government’s deadline to adopt a plan that substantially cuts water usage in just one year.

The 23rd consecutive year of drought, fueled by climate change, has accelerated the basin’s water crisis. Quite simply, demand for water within basin states exceeds what the river can sustainably provide.

While some have called for desalination and piping water from the Midwest, the fastest and least expensive ways to restore water balance are by using existing water supplies more efficiently to reduce demand, which can also lower water bills, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and protect rivers and lakes.

Cities, farmers and businesses have already made significant progress, but additional improvement is within reach. This is especially true in Arizona, where despite recent improvements, homes continue to use significantly more water per person than the national average and more than most Western states.