Blue Investments, Green COP27 Returns

  • 08.11.2022
  • EIN News

This year’s COP emphasizes water as a priority, with a dedicated "Water Day" in the program on November 14. The Water Day will address sustainable water resource management, including water scarcity, drought, transboundary cooperation, and the improvement of early warning systems. The event also serves as a precursor to the United Nations Water Conference in New York in March 2023.

Clean, reliable, and easily accessible water resources, and healthy freshwater ecosystems are critical for a climate-resilient future for all. Accelerated investments in climate and water solutions that benefit communities, and the environment are required.

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have been critical in utilizing natural processes to improve water quality and availability while addressing various water challenges. These projects, such as constructed wetlands, floodplain restoration, and tree planting to reduce runoff, benefit both the environment and the community. However, NBS is not the ultimate water scarcity silver bullet, as projects can take time mature, and results are dependent on other environmental risks, such as fires.

Innovative infrastructure and technology that scale efficiently and provide immediate and impactful results on water scarcity should also be considered. These investments produce meaningful volumetric and social outcomes that are achieved quickly and complement existing NBS programs.

"Climate change increases water risk for governments, corporates, and communities as accessibility to fresh water becomes scarce or unreliable. Climate finance for innovative infrastructure and technologies to accelerate water security, provide environmental replenishment, and support WASH programs must be in the spotlight at COP27." James Rees, Chief Impact Officer, Botanical Water Technologies