COP27: Framing water scarcity and food security as global issues

  • 09.11.2022
  • IHS Market

Latin American countries will probably present water concerns as an umbrella problem at COP27, linking it to global food insecurity, loss and damage from climate change, and the need to promote sustainable agriculture.

Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, which account for 23% of global maize production, are experiencing substantial losses because of climate-related issues.

So far in 2022, Mexico has been affected by severe water shortages owing to low rainfall, population growth, and warmer temperatures in its north and northeastern states, leading to production losses estimated at 4 million metric tons of grains.

In Argentina, the third global soybean and maize producer, an estimated 15% of wheat production will be lost this season because of ongoing droughts.

The prospect of lower crop yields, particularly for soybeans and maize, and subsequently higher food prices globally should give the region leverage to step up financing demands from developed countries and push for a sustainable agriculture framework. Latin America is likely to resist any attempts to implement land distribution controls.