Danone - Manufacturing Process Is Not as ‘Carbon Neutral’ as Advertised

  • 18.10.2022
  • ClassAction

A proposed class action alleges the “carbon neutral” claim on labels of Evian Natural Spring Water is false given the manufacturing of the product still causes carbon dioxide (CO2) to be released into the atmosphere.

The 29-page lawsuit says that although defendant Danone Waters of America may assert that “carbon neutral” means that its investments in eco-friendly projects “offset” the carbon emissions produced by manufacturing the bottled water, this explanation is conspicuously absent from Evian labels and is not how reasonable consumers understand the term “carbon neutral.”

According to the case, the organizations from whom Danone purchases “carbon credits” do not currently or actually reduce CO2 emissions, and thus do not “offset” the CO2 emissions created by the company’s production of Evian water “in any manner.”