Digitisation of water management will help secure its future

  • 04.09.2022
  • Telefonica

Water is an essential element for human life and civilisation. Without it, society is unable to progress. However, the stewardship of water must be transformed towards digitalisation to address how we care for all ecosystems, including groundwater, because of the important role it plays.

Some regions and sectors need more water than others, which underlines the importance of taking care of water and ensuring that it is safely available, as large amounts are used by people, industry and the agri-food sector.

As the United Nations reminds us, we are experiencing a global water crisis and we must seek solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 before 2030, which refers to water and sanitation for all. The organisation stresses that almost all the freshwater consumed in the world is groundwater, and in particular about 40% of irrigation consumption comes from aquifers.

Therefore, without efficient management, little can be done to ensure a proper supply that reaches everyone. For example, one of the most serious problems are leaks in the supply networks, as they represent a loss of water that needs to be addressed. If a high percentage is lost during storage or distribution, this is a highly avoidable problem and a waste of water that is hard to recover.