Experts call for tripling investment to solve water crisis

  • 11.09.2022
  • La Prensa

At the end of the World Water Week, experts invited to the international event insisted on the importance of tripling investment to solve the current water crisis, as well as to understand the “interconnection” between water, climate and biodiversity.

Various specialists spoke to EFE about the water crisis at World Water Week in Stockholm, where they discussed how to solve the most pressing problems related to the valuable liquid resource: from floods to droughts, pollution and universal access to drinking water and sanitation.

In the year in which another of the nine planetary boundaries set by the Stockholm Resilience Centre – that of freshwater use – has been declared breached, specialists commented on the urgency of implementing solutions to optimize the management of the resource threatened by the climate crisis.

“There are currently tremendous floods in Pakistan, in the Middle East there are severe droughts like the ones we are experiencing in Chile and in northern Mexico,” said Sergio Campos, the head of water and sanitation at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Campos said that there has been an opportunity to “reflect on all these issues, to highlight the value of drinking water and the challenge” that exists, a challenge that is increasingly complex because climate change “sets the bar higher and higher.”