Global Water Challenge and Cargill Support New Community Water Partnerships Across the United States

  • 08.12.2022
  • CSR Wire

Global Water Challenge (GWC) and Cargill announced the launch of six new partnerships with leading water stewardship organizations in the U.S. The new program managed by GWC, Cargill Currents North America, is partnering with non-profit organizations to address water challenges faced by communities in Cargill’s priority U.S. watersheds.

The selected partners and programs include (in alphabetical order):

Bonneville Environmental Foundation focuses on water, carbon, and energy solutions that help to combat climate change and water scarcity. The selected project, executed in partnership with the National Forests Foundation and U.S. Forest Service in Texas, will restore natural ecological function in a key headwaters area of the upper Trinity River in Texas.

International Water Institute fosters watershed stewardship through leadership in decision support, environmental monitoring and educational programming. Through the Cargill Currents North America program, they will deploy their Stewardship Program in North Dakota and provide programming focused on water stewardship and quality through efficient farming practices, education, and improved soil health.

Kansas Alliance for Wetlands & Streams connects the lands, waters, and people of Kansas. Their Cargill Currents North America project will enhance, restore, and protect the Upper Arkansas River watershed by removing invasive species while improving watershed health, educating landowners on water use efficiencies, and demonstrating to agencies and water professionals the water technologies in use and conservation practices available in the watershed.

Ohio River Foundation is dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and all waters in its 14-state watershed. Through this program, Ohio River Foundation will focus on restoration activities designed to create and restore climate change-resilient riparian habitats. They will work to decrease sedimentation and mitigate pollution of water systems while building awareness through community partner and volunteer involvement.

River Partners connects a bold vision of bringing life back to California’s rivers and communities with the on-the-ground work of rebuilding wild places, creating homes for wildlife, and improving landscapes for the benefit of future generations. The San Joaquin River basin is the focus of the Cargill Currents North America project. River Partners will reconnect and restore four critical floodplains, engage and empower local communities, and promote science and education through local universities and policymakers.

Three Rivers Land Trust aims to protect and conserve land, natural areas, rural landscapes, family farms, and historic places within North Carolina. The organization will implement an outreach program to landowners along the Cape Fear River and pursue conservation opportunities through the Cargill Currents North America program.