How Israel manages its water resources

  • 23.10.2022
  • Northwestern

Israel is one of the world’s most forward-looking countries when it comes to water management, which is why 16 Northwestern students toured the country in September to learn how it has coped with a hotter, dryer world, and to glean strategies for the future.

Representing schools and disciplines from across Northwestern, the students on the Global Engineering Trek (GET) Water-Israel met with leading researchers and industry experts to study Israel’s water infrastructure firsthand.

The trip was organized by Northwestern’s Israel Innovation Project (IIP) and the Center for Water Research, and co-sponsored by the McCormick School of Engineering’s Global Initiatives program and the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN)

“It’s been a really exciting opportunity,” said Aidan Ocampo, an Earth and planetary science major. “I’ve been very impressed with what Israel has accomplished through its water technology. There are a lot of valuable implications for what we can do in America and other parts of the world.”