Innovative Blockchain Technology Company Targets Water Scarcity In The U.S.

  • 11.08.2022
  • Water Online

BWT technology harvests and purifies evaporative condensate, which until now was usually discarded at fruit and vegetable processing plants to create a new sustainable source of potable water. Using this innovative technology, a typical processor could harvest between 50-100M gallons of potable water each season.

The water harvested can be used as a new sustainable ingredient for food and beverage companies to avoid withdrawals from basins and aquifers, for environmental replenishment programs (to recharge water sources), and for community’s experience drought conditions or without access to water infrastructure resources.

The Botanical Water Exchange (BWX), a blockchain water trading platform, developed by Fujitsu, will enable participants a frictionless way to identify available water, and trade within a secure and transparent platform.

James Rees, the Chief Impact Officer at BWT based in Houston, leads BWT’s North American market and collaborates with regional stakeholders to allocate harvested water for its highest and best use. "We are collaborating with Corporates and NGO Partners in the US and Mexico to maximize the impact of their water, sustainability, and community programs. BWT harvested water reduces the need for basin and acquirer withdrawals to ensure water is more available for those who need it.” James said.