Israel desalination technology

  • 23.11.2022
  • B worldonline

ISRAEL’s water industry considers Cebu as a potential market for desalination technology to address its inadequate water supply, Israel’s economic attache to Manila said.

“Cebu has a shortage of water… and one of the (solutions) for that can be desalinated water… Israel has a lot of experience here. We have five desalination plants… we think that this experience can be very relevant to a place like Cebu,” Economic Attaché and Head of the Manila embassy’s Economic Mission Tomer Heyvi told BusinessWorld on the sidelines of the Israeli Water Technologies Roadshow.

Global water solutions provider Global Environmental Solutions and Aqwise Vice President for Business Development and Sales Harel Rauch said at the same event that the Philippines is viewed as a “very attractive market.”

He said it was “one of the markets where we want to develop operations… We find that it’s really suitable for (Israeli) technologies, and will be one of the countries that will be part of our strategy for the next few years.”