Liquid Death explores IPO

  • 30.10.2022
  • Yahoo

Opportunities for the water brand Liquid Death are pouring in, according to CEO Mike Cessario.

In early October, the still and sparking water brand raised $70 million in its Series D funding round led by Science Ventures, bringing it to a $700 million valuation. Cessario told Yahoo Finance in a recent interview that Liquid Death is "open to all kinds of different paths for the company," though he has no particular timeline in mind.

"I think an IPO path is something we're definitely going to seriously explore and see what that looks like. There's no timeline for when that would be or if we would definitely do it or not, but something we're going to take a look at. Same thing for remaining private, same thing for potential M&A. I think the company is just growing so fast, and growth is just continuing to move even faster, and we're going to take that into consideration when we think of what the next kind of move is," he said.