Meta Running Server Rooms at 90 Degrees to Slash Water Impact

  • 30.10.2022
  • Datacenter Frontier

As it seeks to become a water-positive company, Meta is slashing the water use of its data centers by running servers in warmer and drier environments, the company said this week.

In recent testing, Meta has begun operating its data halls at 90 degrees, a move that will reduce the energy and water impact of its massive digital infrastructure. The company has already pushed humidity levels as low as 13 percent in server rooms across its global fleet of data centers, which will save millions of gallons of water annually.

The Meta engineering team disclosed new details of its broad-based water conservation effort at the 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference on Tuesday. In addition to raising the temperature range by 5 degrees in its data halls, the company is optimizing the processing and filtration of the water it uses.

“We have a ruthless focus on reducing our water usage,” said James Monahan, Data Center Facilities Engineering Director for Meta. “Being water positive means we are going to restore more water back to the environment than we consume.”