Microsoft Zeroes In on Replenishing Water Use

  • 27.08.2022
  • Environment Leader

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational company that provides consumer software and cloud services. The Redmond, Washington-based company is known for its Windows operating system. It is equally known for its suite of office products and its Internet Explorer. In 2016, it was the world’s largest technology company ranked by revenues.

Efforts are part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to address water at its data centers. That includes:

— Its new Silicon Valley campus has an onsite rainwater collection system and waste treatment plant to ensure all non-potable water comes from onsite recycled sources. It says that by recycling the water, the campus will save an estimated 4.3 million gallons of potable water each year.

— Its Israeli campus has water-efficient plumbing that improves water conservation by 35%.

— Its newest building in India supports 100% treatment and reuse of wastewater — used for landscaping and a cooling tower.

— Its campus in Puget Sound will reuse harvested rainwater, which is projected to save more than 5.8 million gallons annually.

— Its data center in Arizona is reducing water use intensity and replenishing water. “This system is highly efficient, using less electricity and up to 90% less water than other water-based cooling systems, such as cooling towers.”