Pakistan’s biggest problem right now is water

  • 09.10.2022
  • Arabian News

It's true that the country has been fighting for survival due to the rise in commodity and energy prices, exacerbating debt problems and the devastation of floods. The consensus among analysts is that Pakistan has dodged a default-like situation through bringing in significant austerity and black belt-tightening. Things are tough but salvable and we haven’t reached the catastrophic levels like Sri Lanka yet.

However, what should be of much greater concern is another life-sustaining commodity less easy to restore than money – water. The floods have further highlighted this issue which needs immediate and urgent attention. Lack of infrastructure has left a large part of the rural population underwater in the most unhygienic conditions. The rising death toll due to the floods are followed by waterborne diseases and contaminated water or in some cases complete lack of it. Despite relief funds by some of the world’s richer countries, the long-term and sustainable solution needs to be addressed.

While there’s a lot of media coverage being given to the financial challenges currently faced by Pakistan and top that the deathly floods have added to the woes as well. A recent report published by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) titled: Water Crisis in Pakistan: Manifestation, Causes and the Way Forward,” painted a bleak picture.