Plasma Waters’ Patented Technology Wins 1st Place in U.S. Army International Technology Contest

  • 18.09.2022
  • Tech Bullion

The xTechInternational Competition’s goal is to evaluate, accelerate and deliver breakthrough technologies from global startups to the U.S. Army.

These days it’s rare that fresh, abundant, clean water makes headlines. As of recently, it’s been just the opposite. But the team at Plasma Watershas taken home the coveted 1st Place prize at the xTechInternational Competition, focused on tackling the U.S. Army’s challenges across three key technology areas: Water, Energy and Synthetic Biology. Plasma Waters participated in the water technology section of the competition with its breakthrough plasma water sanitization system (the water category focused on Water Sanitation System for Pathogens Elimination and Toxic Compounds Degradation). Plasma Waters’ patented technology uses its unique low energy cold plasma technology in a continuous flow system that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from water and serves as a fast acting solution for monitoring water quality in real time. Simply put? Plasma Waters can turn dirty water into clean water.