ReNew Energy Global PLC Pledges to Net-Zero Emissions by 2040

  • 12.11.2022
  • CSR Journal
Through its most recent sustainability report for FY 2021–2022, ReNew Energy Global PLC, India’s top renewable energy firm, has announced its ESG ambitions, including a pledge to achieve net zero by 2040. The 2040 goal is more ambitious than many international energy corporations’ net zero ambitions and is 30 years ahead of India’s 2070 goal.
The corporation has also committed to achieving a wider set of ESG objectives, such as 30% female employment, water positivity, zero waste to landfill, and ESG risk management. Other objectives include positive impacts on 2.5 million lives through CSR efforts. ReNew will use internal governance procedures and outside audits to track its progress toward these goals, and it will present its findings in its annual sustainability report.