Solving for every step of concrete’s carbon packed production

  • 11.08.2022
  • GreenBiz

Three trillion liters of water are used for concrete production every year. Cement is the second most consumed product in the world — only beaten out by potable water

When looking at policy levers for decarbonizing concrete, the right portfolio would include economic signals such as low-carbon cement standards to create an emissions intensity benchmark, complimented by a long-term research and development strategy to nurture technologies that unlock deeper emissions reductions. Running these adjacently and over a long-term period allows for concrete producers to have the security that their low-carbon investment will prove profitable through either their projects qualifying as carbon credits, incentives for consumers or competitive advantage.

Other applications and processes could open exciting new roles for concrete, including different prefab designs and modular housing. But as our remaining carbon budget dwindles and we continue to emit C02, we need multifaceted solutions covering every square foot.