This California City Is Rapidly Running Out of Water

  • 15.10.2022
  • Gizmodo

Coalinga, California, is set to run out of water before the end of this year.

The city’s only water source is an aqueduct that is managed by the federal government. Officials think that the water is going to run dry before the end of 2022, the Washington Post reported.

Local officials are scrambling for options. If their water supply comes up short, Coalinga politicians are going to have to buy water from the open market. It’s amazingly expensive and could impact Coalinga’s ability to provide other services for residents, according to Fox 26 News. Water on that market currently costs up to $2,500 an acre-foot, or 326,000 gallons, which would cost the city millions of dollars to obtain the necessary water. “Our citizens cannot afford a thousand dollar or a thousand percent increase on their water bills,” Adam Adkisson, a Coalinga city council member, told the local news station.