This is why we can't dismiss water scarcity in the US

  • 16.02.2023
  • WEF
  • Figures suggest 2.2 million people in the United States are without running water and basic indoor plumbing; more than 44 million people have inadequate water systems.
  • Community-level solutions exist to address poor access to potable water but more funding and technology is needed for scale and sustainability.
  • US corporations are urged to address water scarcity issues in the United States as well as in developing countries at the upcoming United Nations Water Conference in March, 2023.
  • Water scarcity is a global issue but challenges are uniquely regional; therefore, no silver bullet solution exists. Every region and community will face different access, quality and reliability issues. Corporations must listen to organizations working on the ground with communities that thoroughly understand water issues.
    There are 2.2 million identified human reasons for solving water access issues in the United States. Therefore, when considering water commitments at the UN Water Conference in March, US corporations must equally support organizations addressing community water scarcity issues in developing nations and the United States, as water access is a universal human right regardless of location.