Toyota Joins The Water Council's WAVE Program

  • 20.11.2022
  • 3BL Media

The Water Council is pleased to announce Toyota Motor North America has signed onto The Water Council’s WAVE program, enhancing its commitment to water stewardship by developing meaningful strategies, goals and actions around water use.

“As part of our water strategy development process, we saw a need and a benefit from a comprehensive enterprise-wide assessment of water uses, impacts and risk. We also know our stakeholders want confidence that our future targets are directly responsive to our highest water-related risks,” said Mark Yamauchi, Sustainability Manager, Toyota Motor North America. “WAVE provides us with a solid foundation on which to build our strategy and the independent verification gives additional credibility and transparency to our commitments and actions.”

The Water Council, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit dedicated to freshwater innovation, has helped companies of all sizes and industries improve water stewardship. It launched the WAVE program in February to help businesses anywhere in the world address water on an enterprise level.

“By joining WAVE, Toyota has signaled a strong commitment to meaningful, verifiable action on water and its continued global leadership with respect to sustainability,” said Dean Amhaus, The Water Council President and CEO. “It is especially gratifying to see the adoption of WAVE by another industry. With today’s water challenges, all companies should follow Toyota’s lead in addressing water risks and impacts at their facilities and in their supply chains.”