Valo Hyperfoil Revolutionizes Water Mobility

  • 06.12.2022
  • Auto Evolution

There is a new player in the PWC sector, and it just revealed a craft that aims to revolutionize water-based mobility. We’re talking about California-based startup Boundary Layer Technologies and their Valo Hyperfoil, an electric jet ski featuring carbon fiber hydrofoils.

Valo describes its product as a hyperfoil, explaining that “A Hyperfoil is a high-performance, semi-autonomous, electric hydrofoiling vehicle with wings to fly above the water. Think of it like a jetski, but 1000 times more awesome.”

What the startup has done was take the electric hydrofoil technology normally used on boats and surfboards and implement it on a jet ski.

The Valo Hyperfoil is powered by a 108 hp (80 kW/ 109.5 ps) electric motor and can hit a top speed of 50 knots (58 mph/ 93 kph). It can fly two people two feet (60 cm) above the water, offering over 100 min of fun between charges.