Watersight Adds Global Companies to the AquaRing Water Monitoring Pilot Program

  • 24.11.2022
  • Global Newswire

Watersight, a watertech joint venture company of MEKOROT, Israel’s national water company, and Newsight Imaging Ltd., a technology company that specializes in advanced CMOS image sensors for spectral analysis and machine vision, today announced the start of the field test at MEKOROT’s water monitoring facility in northern Israel alongside the addition of U.S. global companies to its pilot water monitoring program utilizing the AquaRing. The AquaRing is a smart water monitoring system, a complete real-time sensing device for online water condition monitoring for water, utility, and food & beverage industries.

The AquaRing is installed in one of MEKOROT’s water monitoring stations, located in the North of Israel. In addition, new large global water companies have joined the AquaRing pilot program. The new pilot program companies are among the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of water equipment, heating, and water quality products and solutions. The companies are global providers of industry leading water solutions encompassing flow measurement, quality and other system parameters giving services for the global infrastructure markets.

Two additional global water companies have also joined the pilot program, including one already in an advanced phase with AquaRing installed.

Watersight's patent-pending AquaRing is based on the game-changing spectral chips developed by Newsight, powered by Machine Learning and AI, and supported by a cloud-based dashboard. The device provides an advanced Real-Time, IoT monitoring solution that provides alerts based on water conditions. From source to tap, inlet to outlet, Watersight's solution is fast, smart, and scalable at an unmatched price.