World's First Free Beverage Company

  • 06.10.2022
  • Yahoo

FreeWater is a new type of company that makes money by printing advertisements onto aluminum bottles and paper cartons of natural spring water which then allows them to give it away for free. Leading what they call the "giving economy" they also donate 10 cents per beverage to build water wells for people in need.

"Our product makes donating to charity as simple as saving money on your groceries and drinking FreeWater," said FreeWater's Founder, Josh Cliffords.

The company says FreeWater is only the beginning and it's just the first product of their future free supermarkets. Each new free product they introduce will donate to a different charitable cause. The groundbreaking startup has quickly become an international phenomenon creating interest around the world from brands, investors, and consumers alike. FreeWater's viral Tiktok and Instagram accounts have played a key role in its massive influence. The company reached 100,000,000 organic impressions within a year, and they now hope to offer their passionate global following a chance to get more involved by participating in their crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr to finance free vending machines and the company's global expansion.